Market Research


Are your books actually for sale at this bookstore in Tokyo?

Wondering if you’re product is actually on the shelf in Malaysia? Curious if your brand has name recognition in China? Trying to increase visibility in Argentina? Rex Global gets on the streets in foreign markets, investigating retail outlets and monitoring market conditions. Foreign-based contacts provide local know-how unattainable from North American offices. Rex Global prides itself on the ability to travel quickly and easily. Logistics? No problem, we’ll stay in a hostel if we need to. Our goal is to deliver market data in the most efficient and economic way possible – we never get to see the doilies in Tokyo taxis, for instance.

Video Production

No project is too large or small. Rex Global has the flexibility to produce everything from short, simple videos to documentary style fact-finding interviews to involved multi-camera shoots. Combined with with capabilities of Magaurn Video Media, the posibilities are endless.

Email Marketing

Rex Global offers copy writing services for email marketing campaigns.

Beta Software Testing

The team at Rex has a combined talent of software testing in several capacities. We have experience testing several network appliances, hardware items and a whole range of software capabilities and web applications. Drop us a message for a free consultation.